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  About eCan - the future of immigration

We have gone through every practical aspect of immigration business and embedded it into eCan Immigration Software. Best of all, the software is time tested i.e., it has gone through actual hands of immigration companies and reached this stage after frequent and highly useful updates. For example, to fill up the immigration forms you don't need a $500 value license of Acrobat Writer.

"Ecan is the most advance program by which you can enhance your business many folds. I don't know what we will do without Ecan. My staff loves the program and it is easy to use. The support service is great and friendly, I have no hesitation in recommending Ecan and I truly believe it can make difference in your business."

Jag Farmaha, Canreach Immigration
(Ph: 905-696-7434)

You, your clients and your worldwide agents simply need free Acrobat Reader and can save the information filled onto forms. Similarly to market your services and to assess prospects and leads you don't need to spend hours on browsing through resumes. Just click once and twice and you can do assessments as if you are flipping pages of a book where every information displays at same place. You can track each and every interaction with the prospects who filled up assessments on your website whether its phone conversation, email exchange, office visit etc., so that closing them is easier.

If you want to become a world class immigration firm, there are tons of features that you simply cannot live without. And eCan has all those features like client case management with immigration forms for principal applicants and family members, case status, case notes, time sheet, accounts, correspondence with consulates/embassies/visa offices, documents uploading and management, tasks and appointments calendar, file securty, user permissions, client email fetching and filing, and a lot more.

Here is a quick feature list of the software:

Clients Management

Manage and search your clients based on extensive filtering criteria. You can create and open a client file within a minute and a login/welcome email can go automatically to the client with the instructions to fill in the forms. The forms to be filled

Client Search Page

in are automatically choosen based on the immigration category of the client, age of the family member and relationship of the family member. All forms are fillable and can be saved onto the system. You or your client can be sitting anywhere in the world and open and fill-in the forms. Only a computer with Internet connection (even dial-up) and free Acrobat Reader is required. The basic personal information of your clients and family members like name, date of birth, address etc. are automatically pre-filled onto these forms so that you don't need to duplicate your work and spend time in doing so on every form. Forms are available in both English and French and are regularly updated. Multiple immigration categories for a single client is also supported. For example, if your client applied for work permit and later applied for permanent residence, you don't need to open multiple files of same client. Simply add another category to existing file and you will get all the forms for this category as well.

You can also apply different type of restrictions to clients for system users. Assign files to users for restricted access. Share files between multiple users. Apply 11 different kinds of permissions to every user for client files. A list of upto 50 active clients is also shown on your administrative home page for one-click access of client file.

File Status, Correspondence & Case Notes

Starting from signup information, signature date, file completion date, case filing to getting visa, all the kinds of status can be tracked in eCan. Not only status, you can track each and every correspondence as well, whether from the client, visa post, CIC or provincial government. All the users of the company who have access

File Status/Correspondence

to a client's file can add case status and case notes. Administrators can view the notes on daily, client wise or per user basis. These notes and status/correspondence can be made visible or auto-emailed to the clients as well. For instance, you get a letter from visa post for pending documents. Add a note to client’s file that these documents are pending, make it visible to client and send the same note to the client via an automatic email as well. If you want eCan to send these automated emails to clients, the login/welcome email along with 22 (twenty two) other types of emails can also be designed. These emails are attached to events and status changes of clients and are automatically sent to client. Some examples of these events and status changes are Client File Created, Case Submitedd To Visa Office, File Number Received From Visa Office, Interview Papers Received From Visa Office, Interview Notification Sent To Client, Medical Papers Received From Visa Office, and many more upto Visa Confirmation Receipt and Landing. Not only these 22 events, you create unlimited of your own events also and can design emails corresponding to these events.

"Our immigration consulting firm has been using your software for over a year. We are very much impressed by the time it saves our clients and our staff in completing the various application forms online. The feature that allows the client to save the form and update or amend on our end is beneficial when dealing with clients overseas. We highly recommend your web design firm and the solutions that you offer for immigration consultants. Keep up the good work!"

George, Immigroup
(Ph: 416-962-2623)

These events will be specific to your company only. An example of these events that you can create for yourself is 'Welcome Package Sent To Client'. Ways of usability are limitless.

Clients' Accounts

eCan has an inbuilt very easy to use accounting system. You can create various type of accounting plans. An example of your payment plan is charging amount $1000 on

Client Accounts

retaining your services, $1500 on receipt of file number and $1500 on receipt of passport request. When you create a client in this account plan, these amounts will be automatically made ‘due towards clients’ when these events occur. So as soon as you enter the date and file number of client, $1500 will be automatically made due towards client and will start reflecting as pending payment. You can now receive the payment from client, add it to client’s accounts to bring the pending balance to zero.

All the currencies of the world are supported, so you can manage the transactions in any currency. The balances and payments show independently for every currency, your transactions are in. Not only general payments, you can easily track trust accounts as well.

Email Filing Of Clients

All the emails that you receive from your clients are automatically routed to client's

Client Emails

file. No need to search emails and match with clients. No matter how many email addresses is your office using. Clients can send email to any of your email address and eCan will fetch and file it in relevant client's file for easy access. The original copy copy of the email is kept as it is in your mail server and only a copy of its is saved in clients' file. So if you wish, you can keep using your favourite emailing software. You can even reply to clients and forward the emails from within eCan. Everything that you use in your emailing software is available in eCan too, whether its CC, BCC, Attachments, HTML Emails, etc. Upload multiple attachments in one go.

All types of mail servers including your own and third party like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc. are supported. eCan also supports all incoming and outgoing ports besides regular port numbers 25 and 110. You can also use SSL Authentication for outgoing and incoming emails.

Documents Management

Various types of documents related to case files can be uploaded, categorized and sorted in eCan. For example letters to visa offices, pdf files, scanned documents and so on. This is like a virtual case file which can be viewed at any computer by yourself or your agents around the world. Upload multiple documents at once and categorize as you wish. Your global users can also upload documents for shared access. You can work on files and documents at any location whether its your office, your home or on-the-go.

Time Sheet

Track each and every minute that you spend on client's file. This is a must have tool for cost-benefit analysis and to track your employee's output. For example, if you earned $1000 from a client and end up spending 100 hours on the file. You know you made $10 per hour, which is not right. You can also categorize the type of work you spent the time on.

"Thanks to Kazworks immigration software and personal consultation conducted in my office, our workload was substantially reduced. Quite frankly, we are about to save 50% of our labor costs. Clients can perform most of the tasks themselves and therefore increase our bottom line. I can honestly recommend this software to anyone involved in Immigration Consulting. This is amazing tool that is saving us a lot of time and money."

Rob Chojak, CIFS
(Ph: 905-459-7477)

Assessments & Leads Management

eCan comes with various assessment forms that you can link to your website.


All the asessments that you receive on your website comes right into eCan. Assessing your prospects, assigning points, adding notes, adding emailable comments and then sending qualifying, disqualifying or more information required emails is super easy. You can assign assessments to yourself or your executive users and manage your phone call followups. Not only phone calls, you can track each and every interaction happening with your prospects for easier closings including email exchange, office visits etc. Schedule emails and phone calls and eCan remindes you to do that on that day and time. Categorize assessments as per your choice and design different emails to be sent for these categories. Convert a prospect to a client with a single click.

Emails Management

You can design nice and presentable emails with full fledged HTML designer available

Email Designer

within eCan. These emails can then be sent automatically to your clients and prospects at various events like signups, receipt of documents etc. There are 22 pre-defined events for clients and 5 pre-defined events for assessments/prospects when an email can be sent automatically. Of course you can create your own unlimited custom events as well.

"My name is Hamlet Gunness and I started to use the E-Can software at the beginning of January 2007 and I am very pleased with the software. The technical support is one of a kind. Kayzworks' team takes the time in providing support to help you to understand the different applications that come with the software. I am very pleased with their technical ability and the web design. Their work speaks for itself."

Hamlet Gunness, Gunness & Associates
(Ph: 416-604-2669)

No more cutting and pasting of text and composing new emails every now and then. eCan Immigration Software significantly reduces your administrative and communication work load.

Besides sending automatic emails you can also send monthly newsletters, new year cards, birthday wishes and so on with eCan's mass mailing functionality. Create your own mass mailing campaigns and send it when you want. eCan also comes with a library of pre-designed emails that you can use to send greetings to your prospects and clients. Right now this library has copy right free 54 greeting cards on Canada Day, Halloween, Birthday, Christmas etc. Communication is the key, and eCan understands it pretty well.

Tasks & Reminders Calendar

eCan has an inbuilt tasks and reminders calendar that is very user friendly. Just


add a task related to a client or add a general task, and eCan will remind you on a day and time of your choice by email. So if you have a blackberry, iPhone or any other mobile email checking gadget, leave your tasking worries to eCan. Be highly productive with eCan and never miss a job. Its a Microsoft Outlook style calendar with day view, week view and month view in business hour or 24 hour format. Double month quick view is available. Whole day events are also supported. Schedule general tasks or client related tasks.

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