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  Security & Privacy

We have crossed this stage long ago. Utmost care is taken to ensure that your data is secure and private. Your data is on our private servers in a Canadian data centre ensuring 99.9% uptime, daily backups and upgrades. The access to your data and websites is available only through 1 computer at our office and it is our President's computer. Your data is never ever shared with anybody at any cost.

To ensure data security and privacy, we have implemented multiple tiers (layers) of security as mentioned below:

Server Level Security:

eCan's server is at a secure location in a Canadian data centre. Except for data centre's technical maintenance person, nobody has physical access to the server. Entry to the datacenter is monitored by security personnels and security cameras. eCan's server can be accessed only through one computer and person and that is our President. Hardware firewall is implemented to counter intrusions by hackers. The server is protected with anti-virus and anti-spam software. Uninterrupted power supply and daily backups are provided.

Application Level Security:

eCan application is developed in Microsoft's Dot Net and AJAX technology with a secure approach. The security options includes:
  • 128 Bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Communication
    Protocol This protocol is used by all banks for Internet banking.
  • Microsoft Forms Authentication & Cookie Encryption
    To ensure nobody can hack your user names and passwords even if they get access to your computer.
  • 3-Tier Approach
    In extreme possibilities, even if somebody, somehow gets access to the server, they still cannot steal the code of eCan and find out your logins.
  • Connection Encryption
    The connection to your database is encrypted and only eCan can decrypt it with an algorithm, which means that the hacker can never find out the location and connection to your data.

Database Level Security:

eCan databases are implemented in Microsoft SQL Server, one of the securest and strongest database system in the world. Your data is protected with login and password that only eCan knows. Your own logins and passwords are stored with one-way hashing algorithm within the database which means that in extreme possibilities, if somebody gets accesss to the database, they still cannot find out your user name and password.

Besides eCan, we can provide you with your own security options as well and take it to any level you may wish. To achieve next level of security and privacy, we can setup eCan on a Virtual Private Server or Dedicated Server for you for as low as $250 and $450 per month respectively.

If you still have concerns about data security you can opt for one-time purchase and exclusive setup of eCan. In this option we will implement the software and database at your choice of location. It can be your current hosting provider or an in-house server. However, most of our clients are on monthly subscription system.

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